Filipino Adobo Chicken

Years ago when we went to Seattle I experienced some of the most delicious foods. It was the first time our cousin introduced me to Bailey’s Irish Cream Ice Cream. I was so in love. Then we had the most delicious crab cake of my life…although since then I have been on a roller-coaster ride of crab cakes. At one point I was sure that I would never again find a crab cake so perfect, but I have actually had some equally satisfying ones. Not to forget, I also had this amazing pain au chocolate– oh it was to die for. On our last day we had some Adobo Chicken at this fast Filipino joint inside Pike’s, it was the first time I tasted anything like it. It was sooooo good that I don’t know why, and I have continuously been thinking about the darn thing since.

This is the second time I attempted Filipino Adobo at home. The first time I failed horribly enough to where I can’t even remember how it turned out. This time, I didn’t quite follow directions (purposely) nor did I made the necessary adjustments. It turned out quite salty, but that’s what Filipino food is…really SALTY. It turned out alright. It wasn’t as good as I remember it being, there just was something missing. It’s okay though…this is a good start, the journey to perfect it will continue!

Filipino Adobo Chicken via Skinny Taste (3-4 servings)

  • 8 chicken legs, skin removed
  • 1/3 c. lowsalt* soy sauce
  • 1/3 c. apple cider vinegar
  • 1 head of garlic, smashed
  • 6 peppercorns, grounded
  • 4 bay leaves

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